Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dear Friends.

For the past three years of my life, I have lived in the small town of Sophia, North Carolina, on a fifty-two acre ministry called “A Place for the Heart.” When I first stepped onto this land in the summer of 2009, it was for a sixty day school called “The 18 Inch Journey,” an arts and worship based school centered on discovering true relationship with Jesus. There I learned how to be fathered by God, after not having been fathered for so many years of my life. At the end of that summer, my school leaders Jonathan and Melissa Helser invited me into a 15 month internship. During that time, I dug my roots deep into the heart of the Father, fell in love with music, worked hard, learned about family and honor, and how to live and fight for my dearest friends in the midst of community. I set foot on a journey to discover the thoughts of the Lord over me, what he says about me. I learned to hear his voice and depend upon it. I said yes to forever being changed by the heart of the Father, and changed I have been.

After my 15 month internship in January of 2011, I was invited to come on full time staff at "A Place for the Heart." My role in this ministry team is quite vast. I work full time as the head of maintenance on the farm. Which includes mowing fields, blowing leaves, making plumbing repairs, renovating rooms, you name it, I have done it one time or another. I prepare and manage jobs for our interns to do weekly throughout the year. My heart is to teach them the value of ownership and what a gift it is when you no longer work out of duty but out of honor for those who have come before and who have given. Something I have been fortunate enough to learn during my time here on the farm and will forever carry with me in my life. In addition to those things, I serve with Jonathan and Melissa traveling the world apart of there ministry team that is changing the earth with worship. We create and cultivate a space for God's heart to collide with a generation and be forever changed by his presence. On these trips I have been honored to be able to lead worship in Dubai, U.A.E. and teach a class in Johannesburg, South Africa and share with others everywhere we go the part of the Father that I know. In the summer I help lead the "18 Inch Journey," the sixty day school that set me on the course Im on now, three years ago. My job throughout the year translates over into this school, only on a much larger and more 24/7 scale. I lead farm work details, times of worship, and small groups. I invest this time of the year to see others from all over the world come to "A Place for the Heart" and get radically changed by the intimacy of the Father.