Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy Autumn!

Hello Friends!
     So much has taken place since our last blog, and there's plenty to catch you up on! Last month Jake and I had the privilege of going to Switzerland and England! Jonathan and Melissa were invited to a small and incredible church in Winturthur, Switzerland and to David's Tent in West Sussex, England. This year, Jonathan and Melissa wanted to take their children and needed a nanny, so I got to go! It was an amazing honor to go and an answer to prayer! 
    David's Tent was amazing this year. 3,000 people gathered from all over England to worship Jesus for 72 hours straight! The sustained hunger of the people was deeply moving, and it was beautiful to see how the Father responded to his children! Jake had the privilege of playing with Jonathan and Melissa as well as Steffany Gretzinger and Amanda Cook from Bethel Music, which he was so excited about.

    Jake playing with Jonathan and Melissa at David's Tent
    We just started up our 8th 18 Inch Journey, which has been so wonderful. 32 students from all over the world arrived at A Place for the Heart on September 14th and will stay until mid-Nonember. These 32 students are some of the most humble and willing students we've ever hosted. God is already showing up in amazing ways, taking broken lives and making them whole, and surprising us at every corner. One of our students was radically healed of depression on the 3rd day of the school, his countenance has changed and he said that the intense cloud that used to haunt him has completely lifted! Praise God!
     We love discipleship so much, and it has been an honor to encourage these students to receive the true love of God that is never disappointed, never demanding, but always compassionate and patient. Jake and I are leading a small group of 6 men and women and we are already seeing beautiful shifts
in their heart postures toward the Father. During the school we teach the students processing tools to
help them walk through conflict, disappointing and fearful moments in life. These tools help them get a grip on what's happening in their hearts so that they can see God's perspective, repent and move forward without repeating unhealthy patterns. The greatest thing we teach them is dependency on the Holy Spirit, who will never leave us for forsake us. So many kids go to ministry out reaches, events, and worship gatherings, and very few of them actually learn to live a sustainable life with God. We are so thankful to have the privilege of teaching these students how to go to the Father first, because His spirit is the ultimate helper, counselor and friend!

    Impartation session with Melissa Helser at our 8th annual 18 Inch Journey 

   Jake and I on an outing with our small group. 11 people representing 4 different countries! 


                                      Jake and I leading worship this week at the school.