Monday, April 30, 2012

There and back again..

      I just returned from a twenty day adventure with six of my closest friends, to Dubai, U.A.E., Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa. It was my third time going to Dubai, and second time going to South Africa. These trips are something I look forward to every year, and am so thankful that I got to see the familiar faces of long distance friends. I cannot write about all the events that took place on the long journey, but here are some highlights.

   The first leg of my journey brought me to Dubai. We were there to lead worship at a weekend conference in a church called "Gate Keepers." In those two days, we led two five-hour worships sessions.  The city is Westernized(to an extent) and pretty open to the christian church and the fact that we got to worship there was an honor. The people were so hungry for the love of Jesus and the heart of the Father. It was quite refreshing and it has awakened something within me. 


 After an extremely full weekend of worship, we packed up our bags and headed toward South Africa. We were picked up from the airport and dropped off at Mark and Kathy Bush's home, which was actually a bed and breakfast called, "Grace House."As you can see below, the place      was awesome. We ate incredibly well, and were treated like kings!
       Two days after our arrival, we began playing at a worship school in Johannesburg with Central Parks Church. We did a set every morning and evening, and held teaching sessions in the afternoons for three days. I led two sessions on song writing and guitar. The students at the school were asked to choose from several different sessions lead by members of our team. The morning of my song writing class I found out that fifty-five students signed up! Honestly, I was freaked out, but, I went for it. I shared part of my personal story, shared songs that I've written and my process of song writing. I write songs to process where I am at in life and where I am at with the Lord. I wanted to encourage all the students to write songs for themselves, for the heck of it, not for anything else but the smile of the Father.
       The students were hungry to learn. We were constantly pouring into their lives, which was great but tiresome. The beauty of it all was that the people we ministered to really grasped the Father's heart. They were like sponges, asking and truly receiving the impartation of God's love.

      After a lot of ministry, we drove eight hours down the road to Durban to take a break. We spent three days in the most incredible beach house on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The Pastor of Central Parks Church, his whole family and a few of our new friends from South Africa came along with us on our adventure. There we rested, ate great meals, enjoyed the beach and got to know each other better.
      When we first arrived, me and Stephen(our sound guy/bassist) ran to the beach. The shores in Durban are really rocky, and have tons of crabs on them. Stephen and I caught one in hopes of eating it for dinner. The only problem was that it was scrawny, and interestingly colored, and the two of us didn't know if it was poisonous... so we set him free. lucky guy.

       The trip was  awesome and very stretching. I love traveling with the people I do life with. We will be hitting the road again soon, to Europe. We'll be ministering in England, Germany and Belgium, stay posted for updates! Thank you all for reading and supporting!