Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hey everyone. 
I want to give you an update on what my life is looking like currently. Right now I am smack dab in the middle of leading the 2013 18" journey. It is quite possibly the best summer/school we've had yet. The willingness of all the students and the willingness of the Father to meet us in our willingness is immense. Even in my own heart the Father has been proving Himself faithful more than ever before. He is continuously providing for me in extravagant ways from financial needs to my heart needs, it has been eye opening and heart softeningly humbling. 

Last week the Father met me in an incredible way after some medical needs came up. I went to the doctor and it turn out that it was going to cost me a great deal of money. So after some wrestling in my mind and heart about the cost I moved some money I has saved around and I would be able to cover the bill. When the doctor saw me he began to ask where I lived and what I did. I told him about "A Place for the Heart" and the schools we run in the summer and of all my travels around the world leading worship with one of my best friends. As he was writing out a prescription for an antibiotic that I needed he said, "I am glad that I got to meet you today. You bless so many people around the entire world, you were chosen to do this with your life." I was taken aback by the encouragement I was receiving from this doctor, it was so special. He sent me on my way and I go out to pay and the amount was.... $60! OH MAN! I couldn't believe it. The Lord's favor is so real. As soon as I walked outside to meet up with my girlfriend Justina, we hugged and cried together because the Lord is so kind. 

Next tuesday is my 22nd birthday! It's so crazy how we are always just getting older. It is such a gift from the Lord to grow and mature not only in age and in life but also in our hearts. I feel such a growth taking place in my heart this summer from leading and being apart of the school. It is always good when you can look back at last summer and see growth in just a year. I've seen dramatic changes in how I view the Lord. I know that doing what I am doing here at the farm is really forming a foundation of dependence on the Lord that I will be able to build my life and my home upon one day. He is teaching me so many things that will help me be a better husband and father, when those days come. Discovering my identity in the Father is probably the biggest thing that my heart is undergoing this summer. That and falling in love with the Word like never before. I mean, the bible is fully alive! There is so much life inside those words. I pray that you would began to experience the bible to its fullest.  That the the places your heart has grown tired or familiar that the Father would re awaken to the beauty of the written word of God! My good friend Adam says we've gone from "fascinated" to "familiar" when it comes to the Bible, and it is time that we turn that around. We need to become less familiar and more fascinated. That is what I want for my heart, and all of your hearts too. 

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers. I feel the weight of your help and I know that the Father is honored to partner with you all in supporting me. I know that the seeds you're all sowing will reap a harvest greater than you could imagine in your lives, because the Lord is so faithful. 

Until next time.

- Jake