Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The summer is over..

       Hey everyone! I hope that you are all doing well. The Summer is over, Fall is here. I feel it in the way the nights feel still and cool and the the way the sun hangs in the sky late in the afternoon. Last time you heard from me I was in the middle of helping my good friends lead the 18 Inch Journey. Every year we finish, I think to myself, I am so glad I got to do that again! This time was no different, I am so glad I got to do it again. The Lord never stops pursuing me and calling me higher and revealing more of myself to me and more of Himself to me. The Lord is so gracious to show us ourselves isn't he? This was literally the best school I have had the honor to be apart of. From start to finish and every little nuance in between, the Lord was there. He was as hungry to meet us as we were to meet by him. I like thinking of Him that way: desperate in His pursuit to meet us. I had an incredible time leading my small group this summer. There were times where I thought I didn't have it in me, but I can humbly and honestly say that I surpassed my own expectations. Don't get me wrong I wasn't perfect but I could tell that I have grown in my confidence and leadership. What a great gift from the Lord to put us in situations to show us how much we've grown. As with every July 31st in my summer the school is over. What beautiful memories I have in my heart from this summer. Thank you all for your prayers and support, I literally couldn't do it with you all!
       Jonathan, Melissa, the rest of the band and I were just recently in England on a ministry trip and it was awesome! Man, it was so good. Probably one of my favorite trips out of the country so far. We played at this event called "Davids Tent". It is a 72 hour non-stop worship event in the English countryside, dreamed up by an amazing group of friends in the UK. We got to see some of our incredible friends, some 18-Inch Journey alumni and we made some more really great friends. The presence of the Lord at that event was so awesome. He consistently met us, whether it was 12:30 in the morning or 2:00 in the afternoon. The spirit of adoption was definitely the big theme of the event this year. Which is a big deal for our english neighbors. What the Lord is doing in england is so special. He is meeting there lack; their need to feel and Fathers smile, their need to feel apart of the family of heaven, their need to experience God outside of a church building. He is intentionally pursuing them exactly how their hearts need it. He is so good to do that with each of us. What a guy.
       I am excited for the Fall. I am excited about playing music and about traveling and cultivating my craft of playing guitar. I am excited for the rest that Fall brings. The slowing down of my heart and my mind. The remembering that takes place. And as always the growing. The realizing. The revelations. Fall is the best time of year. I have a feeling this Fall is going to be one of those ones that marks the rest of my life. Lord, let it be so. I am beginning to really believe that I can not do anything unless it comes from a place of being fully identified in the Father. I mean, the fruit that comes from a deep rooted,  trusting, faithful, joyfilled heart is much sweeter and satisfying then any shallow rooted, "I can do it alone," "I need it now," orphan-minded kind of heart. I've experienced both kinds of hearts. But I feel the maturing, by Gods grace, into a full-time soft heart, the one with the sweeter fruit. The Lord is still redefining "responsibility" and trust and sonship and ownership in my life. It feels like I am blind folded and being asked to take the next step in unknown surroundings. I guess that's faith though. Thank God He doesn't make us go it alone. He is always right here with me, one step at a time. You ever walk through the woods waving a stick around to get all the spiderwebs out of the way? That is what I feel like the Lord is doing for me right now. He is protecting me from getting entangled in things I can't even see half the time. He is good to me.
       Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Thank you for all your prayers and financial support. It means so much. I am so thankful that I love what I get to do and do what I love all at the same time. I pray that all of you would be able to enter into this Fall full of expectation for all the good things the Father has for you! What ever you need, He has it. Just ask him for it. I'll be asking Him to give you all what you need to. Until next time!

Me and the band at David's Tent 


- Jake