Friday, March 1, 2013

The "It's March already" update.

Hello friends and family.
        I hope this blog update finds you all in a very good place. I have had quite the busy year so far, much busier than I had expected it to be. Not long after our ten day christmas vacation we were back at it, hitting it hard and heavy. We began the new year with remodeling our kitchen here at the farm, in preparation for the 2013 "18 Inch Journey Internship," that began January 15th. Needless to say we had our work cut out for us to remodel and double the size of our kitchen in just two weeks, and cultivating the atmosphere with prayer and thanksgiving for the fast approaching internship. Before we knew it January the 15th showed up, and thus began the new internship. It really has been incredible so far. Here we are, almost two months into it and I know that all us of us in leadership here have grown an incredible amount. The Lord has been inviting me into a higher place of leadership than I have ever been before. It has been one of the hardest things I've had the honor of going through, but I truly believe that this season is going to set into place a firm foundation on which I will one day build a marriage and a family and a life full of the Lords favor. A place to call Home. A Place for My Heart.
        Me and a good friend and spiritual father of mine, David Shaver, have been building a new dark room for photography the past couple of weeks. Once we finish this new space we will have three fully functioning art studios. One for visual art, a studio for music and now finally a photography studio. Which is incredible to continue to grow the dream of A Place for the Heart and release a generation to discover the Lord through creative arts.
        The Lord has been so faithful to have placed me with a family such as this to learn all that I am learning and to grow in what makes my heart come alive and to teach my hands to work hard and steady.
        I hope you're all doing well!